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Salies-de-Béarn Salt and Jambon de Bayonne.

An historic union.

An historical and traditional salt

Salies-de-Béarn Salt has been under trapped deep beneath the Pyrenees for millions of years. It has been preserved in waters 10 times stronger than seawater.
According to legend, this saltwater spring was discovered when a wild boar was wounded by a hunting party: the body of the animal was discovered months later, preserved in the salty waters of the spring. It is exceptionally rich in magnesium and trace elements. Its authentic and traditional production gives Salies-de-Béarn Salt its unique and unrivalled taste.

The purity of salt in the spring

Salies-de-Béarn Salt is obtained by evaporation alone. Its underground waters undergo an ancient process, using a saltpan. This makes it a 100% natural salt, exceptionally rich in trace elements.

This salt has been used for centuries on tables across the south west of France. It is still preferred above all others by meat curers, notably producers of Jambon de Bayonne. In fact, the Salies-de-Béarn Salt is a requirement of the Jambon de Bayonne PGI.

Coarse salt and "Fleur de Sel"

SelSalies-de-Béarn Salt is known for its taste and its beneficial effects. It is appreciated by gastronomes and top French chefs alike.
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Mother liquor (l'eau-mère): a concentrated form of thermal water

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