An historical and traditional salt

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de Bayonne. An historic union.


The mother liquors: a concentrated form of thermal water

Eau thermale

After the salt is removed, the residual muds, known as mother liquors, are what remain after the evaporation of the deep water taken from the deep saltwater springs.

They are rich in magnesium and numerous trace elements. This residual mud from the thermal water has medicinal and veterinary qualities.

Medicinal qualities

The mother liquor imparts the benefits of thermalism. These have been used by the thermal establishment of Salies-de-Béarn since 1855, for gynaecological, paediatric and rheumatological conditions, for which mother liquors bring wellbeing and relief.

Veterinary qualities

Hydrothérapie des chevaux de sport

Equine hydrotherapy for racehorses

These mother liquors have been used since the 19th century for equine hydrotherapy on race horses, to care for their limbs, joints and tissue weakened by the demands of competition and top level training. Applied locally or in a bath, mother liquors help to improve the health and wellbeing of pets.